A simple, cost-effective and easy to deploy Layer 2+ access switching solution with POE+ that offers enhanced security, high-density GE and 10GbE uplinks, static route, RIP, OSPF, SDN and IRF enabled, flexible management, which meet the requirements for SME access, enterprise desktop access and high density campus access.


Software Defined Network (SDN)

Software Defined Network (SDN) is an innovative network architecture that simplifies network management and reduces maintenance complexity by separating network control layer and network forwarding layer through Openflow. More importantly, it implements flexible network flow control and provides a well-defined network platform for core network application and

Intelligent Resilient Framework 2 (IRF2)

H3C S5130S-EI switch series is pre-built with Intelligent Resilient Framework 2 (IRF2). IRF2 provides the following benefits:
High scalability, high reliability, load balancing and availability

Intelligent Resilient Framework 3.1 (IRF3.1)
IRF3.1 technology is based on industry standard IEEE 802.1BR standard. IRF3.1 includes core switch-CB (Controlling Bridge) and access switch- PE (Port extender), IRF3.1 can virtualizes core and access switches into one logical device. IRF3.1 delivers the following benefits:
 - Plug and play working mechanism, Increased I/O ports and centralized maintenance and management. Can work with IRF2.0 to further enhance the reliability of CB and PE and can work with MDC technology to create multiple logical IRF3.1 domain. There is reduced network management nodes and simplified cable deployment. Data plane virtualization.

Comprehensive Security Control Policies

H3C S5130S-EI switch series supports innovative single-port multi-authentication function, the access authentication modes supported by different clients are different.

For example, some clients can only perform MAC addresses Authentication (such as the printer terminal), and some user host for 802.1X authentication, and some user hosts only want to access through the Web portal authentication. In order to flexibly adapt to the multi-authentication requirements of the network environment, the S5130S-EI switch series support single-port multi-authentication unified deployment.

Abundant QoS

The S5130S-EI switch series supports packet filtering at Layer 2 through Layer 4, and traffic classification based on source MAC addresses, destination MAC addresses, source IP addresses, destination IP addresses, TCP/UDP port numbers, protocol types, and VLANs. It supports flexible queue scheduling algorithms based on ports and queues, including strict priority (SP), weighted round Robin (WRR) and SP+WRR. The S5130S-EI switch series enables committed access rate (CAR) with the minimum granularity of 8 kbps. It supports port mirroring in the outbound and inbound directions, to monitor the packets on the specific ports, and to mirror the packets to the monitor port for network detection and troubleshooting.

Excellent manageability

The H3C S5130S-EI switch series makes switch management with ease with the support of SNMPv1/v2/v3, which can be managed by NM platforms, such as Open View and iMC. With CLI and Telnet switch management is made easier. And with SSH 2.0 encryption, switch management security is enhanced.


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